Danielle Class

Co-founder of Yolt Foundation

Governing Board of Trustees, Living Legacy Foundation

Danielle resides on a farm in Monkton, Maryland with her husband Jonny. She is caretaker of her families retired steeplechase horses. 15 years ago Danielle co-founded ERA- Equine Rescue Ambulance, and is a current board member. Danielle has worked with show and steeplechase horses most of her life.

Danielle’s son, Gavin, suffered an exertional heat stroke in August 2013 while playing football for Towson University, Maryland. He had complete organ failure and required a liver transplant. Today he is an advocate for heat stroke and organ donation and is currently a Strength and Conditioning Coach for college athletes. You can read about Gavin’s full story in KSI’s issue of Pertinacity.

Danielle also sits on the governing board for The Living Legacy Foundation, the organ procurement organization for Maryland. Danielle is a co-founder along with her husband, Jonny, and son Gavin of YOLT Foundation (You Only Live Twice). They bring the awareness of organ donation and heat stroke illness to the broader community. They are also trying to develop a Transplant House for the Baltimore area transplant hospitals. In 2018 they started The Class Strength Scholarship along with Donate Life. This program sends young transplant recipients to The Transplant Games of America. Danielle is honored to be an ambassador for The Korey Stringer Institute.

Danielle Class
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