Heat Safety & Performance Coalition


HSPC assessment mag and gabWe are a unique trifecta of experts, product developers and end users. We believe, and science proves, that implementing heat-safety standards not only keeps workers safe but drives efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Awareness. An online, interactive knowledge hub.
Solutions. On-site evaluations and scorecard services with recommendations for industrial companies.
Standards. A group of passionate leaders and advocates driving towards change and implementing heat-safety standards.

We blend our collective expertise with your particular needs to deliver heat safety programs to your most valuable asset – your people.

Every day in the United States labor workers are seriously injured or die from heat stress, nearly all of which can be prevented. Heat safety strategies are effective and easy to implement, yet they are grossly underutilized within many laborer settings. We want to help businesses enhance their safety program with heat-safety protocols to ensure every employee returns home safely to their families.‌

‌World-renowned heat safety scholar, exertional heat illness expert, and heat stroke survivor Dr. Douglas Casa joined forces with industry leading product developers and manufacturers to establish an entity set out to bring change to the occupational sector.

‌Through collaborative efforts with thermal physiology scientists, cooling gear developer MISSION, and personal protective equipment manufacturer Magid, the Heat Safety & Performance Coalition (HSPC) encompasses a broad network of experts committed to improving the health and safety of the occupational worker.‌

We develop and implement comprehensive heat safety solutions for organizations and their employees. The HSPC provides heat-safety research, education, and awareness; advises on heat-safety solutions in a variety of laborer settings; and advocates for heat-safety consensus standards and recommendations.

KSI group in front of a Delta airplaneServices Provided

Research Partnerships
HSPC is dedicated to translating current research into practice to protect workers from heat stress.

Educational Services
Educating your workers on the dangers of heat is critically important to mitigate heat-related injury and illness

Heat Safety Plan Review
HSPC is fully equipped to review your current heat safety procedures and policies and provide recommendations to enhance heat safety

On-site Heat Safety Assessments

The HSPC can travel to your worksite to:

  • Help identify heat hazards your workers may encounter
  • Communicate with workers and safety personnel on current strategies and barriers
  • Provide heat safety solutions that are perfectly tailored to your organization and worksite