Lawrence Armstrong, PhD

Professor Emeritis, Department of Kinesiology, University of Connecticut

Joint Appointments in the Departments of Nutritional Sciences and Physiology & Neurobiology, University of Connecticut

Past President, American College of Sports Medicine, 2015-2016

Lawrence Armstrong was a member of the Human Performance Laboratory, University of Connecticut for 28 years. He presently serves as a private consultant with Hydration & Nutrition, LLC in Newport News, VA. His research specialties include human temperature regulation, heat acclimatization, fluid replacement, nutritional supplements, and sport drinks as they apply to athletes, laborers and military personnel. His field studies have focused on fluid-electrolyte balance in tennis players and endurance cyclists, heat exhaustion in military units, heat stress monitors, and cooling of heat-stroke patients after a summer road race.

He authored Performing in Extreme Environments (Human Kinetics, 2000), edited Exertional Heat Illnesses (Human Kinetics, 2003), edited ACSM’s Research Methods (LLW, 2015), and has co-authored over 230 peer-reviewed scientific publications. In 2007, Professor Armstrong chaired the current American College of Sports Medicine position stand entitled, Exertional Heat Illnesses During Training & Competition.

Professor Armstrong earned his doctorate in human bioenergetics at Ball State University’s Human Performance Laboratory in 1983.

Lawrence Armstrong
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